treatment costs and reimburisment


Private invoices are made in accordance with the naturopath’s scale of charges (GeBüH)  or agreement as a treatment flatrate per appointment.

Costs of treatment for patients with the public inshurance

The public inshurance is covering the treatment partually

Many public ishurances cover osteopathic treatment costs partually. For the refund of your public health inshurance mostly  a doctors prescription is neccessary. Ask your public inshurance, if they are willing support osteopathic therapy. The following link lists publish inshuances covering osteopathy and there reglementations:

Pleas ask your public health inshuance about their conditions

We charge 85,- €/session as a  flatrate per appoinment

The public inshurance does not cover the treatment.

We charge 70,- €/session cash  as a flatrate per appointment – You do not recieve a detailed invoice for reimbursment.

Costs of treatment with privat inschurance plans, additional inshurances and social security benefits (Beihilfe)

As a rule, patients with private insurance plans, receiving social security benefits or with additional private health plans get their treatment costs entirely or partially reimbursed. Please check if our services are included within your contract.

Private invoices are made in accordance with the naturopath’s scale of charges (GeBüH), according to the traetment you have recieved.


Should your insurance company or other sponsor be unwilling to cover the treatment costs, it is up to you to decide whether you want to make a financial contribution to your health.

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