Instant hay fever remedy


augmented acupuncture

Augmented acupuncture (intensified acupuncture) is a highly effective treatment for the instant remedying of upper respiratory tract disorders (hay fever, house dust mite allergies, asthma, etc) Augmented acupuncture is a combination of neural therapy and acupuncture with electro stimulation.

Dr. Covic first developed augmented acupuncture in Constance. It was tested in a double blind study at the University of Freiburg on more than 3000 subjects suffering from acute allergic symptoms in the upper respiratory tract. The university clinic’s study showed that augmented acupuncture was highly effective in treating 25% of patients, with 50% experiencing a significant reduction in symptoms.
The treatment failed to produce positive results in the other test participants.
Augmented acupuncture has no side effects. The treatment is unreservedly recommended and is suitable for children aged 12 and above.

Two points are measured on the upper back, next to the seventh cervical vertebrae. Following a local anaesthetic, acupuncture needles are applied, and a brief electrical impulse is sent through them.

Due to the local anaesthetic created by the acupuncture points and the closing of the pain transmission, the electrical impulse can reach 10 times acupuncture’s usual impulse strength without causing pain. The effect of augmented acupuncture itself is relayed as a painless electrical impulse through small myelinated primary afferents in the skin, muscle and the grey matter in the spine. This produces a more intense acupuncture treatment (augmented acupuncture)

Augmented architecture relieves the nerve segment affected by the allergy, and heals or eases the body’s allergic immune reaction within hours or days. 1-2 treatments are generally sufficient, and the effects normally last from 4-6 weeks. Augmented acupuncture is not suitable for patients fitted with pacemakers or for pregnant women. Augmented acupuncture is ineffective when combined with cortisone, anti-histamines, or psychotropic drugs. In order for the treatment to be effective, patients should stop taking any medication a few days beforehand.

In my clinic, augmented acupuncture is generally accompanied by other naturopathic treatments.

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