internal disorders


Internal disorders are normally divided into different categories such as cardiology, rheumatology, gynaecology.
Each organ or disorder thus requires a different doctor.

If you suffered from chronic psoriasis (a chronic skin disorder) and your intestine was very blocked, you would go to two different doctors for treatment – a dermatologist and gastroenterologist. According to observational methods practised within traditional Chinese medicine, the same syndrome causes both clinical pictures: ‘heat in the blood’. You would therefore be given cooling and cleansing herbs.
As heat can indicate both toxins and a substance deficiency (lack of Yin), your lifestyle would be examined in order to eliminate damaging influences. A substance deficiency could be remedied in the long term by a complete change in diet.

In addition, the status of intestinal flora should be checked in a laboratory, in order to treat imbalances and pathogens, and, where applicable, medicamentous.

As you can see, within the field of ‘herbal medicine’ an organ does not become sick, but rather the entire person. All of our functional systems are linked together and in a constant interplay with one another.

Causal treatment must therefore consider all systems. If one organ is treated, this only fights the symptoms and rarely produces a permanent relief or a cure!

In principle, all illnesses linked to internal medicine can treated with naturopathy..

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