Petechial suction treatment


Petechial suction treatment is rarely performed nowadays. It is a combination of the traditional massage and suction treatments.
The suction produces haematoma (blue bruises), and following the treatment, the skin is covered with small fleabite like marks (petechiae).During the treatment, the patient feels pricking pains, as though the skin is being scratched, although there are no injuries caused to the skin. Simultaneously, the treatment relieves pain and subsequently creates a pleasant sensation of improved circulation in the body part affected.

The treatment is performed up to ten times, although normally by the eighth treatment, no more petechiae are released and the patient no longer feels pain.

The tissue treatment explained:

Circulation is disturbed in the areas of the skin located above tense muscles (myogeloses). Erythrocyte (red blood cells) accumulate in the smallest blood vessels (capillaries), whilst the vascular wall is too porous. The powerful suction and rubbing cause the red blood cells (erythrocyte) to become deformed and moved through the capillary wall, which causes the pricking pain. The blood vessels are not damaged in the process and close again immediately afterwards, so there is no bleeding. The process is referred to as a dry diapedesis.

As many erythrocyte (red blood cells) are now in the interstitial space, they form small red dots. The therapeutic function derives from the leaked out erythrocyte, which create more space in the capillaries, thus making a physiological circulation possible, whilst the capillary vessels quickly regenerate. Thus no more petechiae are released after repeated treatments. The released red blood cells work as an “ attraction depot” for 3 -4 days afterwards, thus stimulating the purification and detoxification of the tissue.

Petechial suction treatment is often performed in tandem with other treatments:

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