Heilpraktiker Alexander Spies

I have specialized as a naturopath, with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), osteopathy, and other natural healing methods, primarily focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine. I combine TCM with additional diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, such as kinesiology, integrative osteopathy, and orthomolecular medicine.

Natural Healing

Methods Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, I offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including acupuncture, herbal therapy, dietetics, moxibustion therapy, as well as various cupping techniques, zone and pulse diagnosis.

My spectrum also includes lesser-known natural healing methods, such as high-frequency therapy, ultrasound therapy, and augmented acupuncture. In addition to naturopathic treatment for adults, I specialize as a naturopath, also trained in pediatric and baby osteopathy, in holistic therapy for children, babies, and infants.

For reasons of patient safety and to assess the effectiveness of individual treatment methods, a comprehensive analysis of your health, osteopathic examination, and several kinesiological muscle tests are conducted before each treatment.

Please bring any existing findings to your first appointment if possible.

Health Conditions

The interdisciplinary approach, combining ancient traditional Far Eastern and modern Western natural healing methods, which I have pursued as a naturopath and osteopath for over 20 years, enables efficient therapy in various areas of focus. Although naturopathy does not focus on the diseases of individual organs, most patients come with conventional medical diagnoses of musculoskeletal disorders, gastrointestinal tract issues, dermatology, rheumatic diseases, allergies, and other immune system problems.

In principle, most diseases can be treated with naturopathic therapies. Children, babies, and infants, in particular, respond very well to the treatments.

Cost Coverage

As a certified naturopath, with 5 years of osteopathy training, I am qualified for partial reimbursement of osteopathy by statutory health insurances.

The cost coverage of osteopathy and natural healing methods is possible through supplementary as well as private insurances and civil service assistance for civil servants according to the GebüH or Hufeland Directory.

Membership in Associations: VfH – Association of Free Naturopaths VOD – Association of Osteopaths Germany Association for Osteopathy and Holistic Therapy

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