Holistic diagnosis


Here, the patient is the focus, rather than the illness, because an illness is more than just its symptoms. Every treatment begins with a comprehensive diagnosis. Naturopathic diagnoses are not an alternative to conventional medical treatments, but rather an absolutely vital accompaniement to them. This is why every treatment begins with a detailed consultation, during which medical history, current ailments and circumstances are discussed. In addition to the naturopathic diagnosis, I can also carry out stool and blood tests in my clinic, if necessary. Different systems exist within the body that are functionally linked to one other. A spinal examination is of particular importance. It is our central organ. It carries the brain’s impulses and energy to the entire body through the nerves, which are differentiated in the vertebral canal.

Dysfunctions in this area not only lead to painful tissue changes, but also frequently manifest themselves as organic illnesses. In addition, the tissue and its functionality are frequently influenced by the metabolism, particularly by digestive organs, with the intestine containing the largest proportion of our immune system. The immune system is responsible for everything that enters our body, and prevents digenesis within the cell layers.

In order to understand and correctly interpret such complex relationships, I perform applied kinesiology, laboratory diagnosis and traditional Chinese medicine’s pulse and tongue diagnoses.

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