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MediOsteo GmbH

Osteopathie und Naturheilkunde

Gf. Naturopath Alexander Spies

Company Address: Lehmbruckstraße 3, 10245 Berlin

Telefon: 030-69529372


 Supervisory authority: Public health department

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Naturopath (awarded in the German Federal Republic)

Professional code of practice: Fachverband Deutscher Naturopath Bundesverband e.V.

 Responsible for content pursuant to § 6 MDStV: Alexander Spies
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The title “Naturopath” is job title given according to the Naturopath Law (HPG) from 17.02.1939.
According to the Naturopath Regulation (DVO) from 18.02.1939 the administrative authorities named below determine the application for issuance.
The professional statutory provisions are online at the Fachverband Deutscher Naturopath Bundesverband e.V.
The clinic’s supervisory authority is the Berlin Public Health Department.

Praxis Osteopathie & Naturheilkunde Berlin-Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg

Lehmbruckstraße 3
10245 Berlin
Friedrichshain / Kreuzberg
030 / 69529372
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